My Work

Crime and General Fiction

I focus on crime stories and what I think of as "crime adjacent," as often as possible with a Christian theme. My work in these categories has appeared at The Saturday Evening Post,, Yellow Mama here and here, Wrong Turn Lit, The Rye Whiskey Review, Hoosier Noir, Punk Noir, BULL and issue 2 of Sweet Tea Dichotomy. I've got a story in the anthology Larceny & Last Chances from Superior Shores Press. I got to interview Superior Shores' Judy Penz Sheluk for Killer Nashville and Kings River Life.  

Kendo and the Martial Arts

Kendo is the art and sport of Japanese fencing with bamboo swords. Kendo World is an international English-language magazine. It's been my privilege to have more than a dozen stories published there, as well as nonfiction. 

Here is a piece I wrote for Art of Manliness on martial arts for beginners, and this is a piece at the Electronic Journal of Martial Arts and Sciences comparing martial arts to chess (I'm mediocre at both). 

Photo by Louie Kondek