Charlie Kondek Writes

Once when my oldest son was little he asked me what I did for a living, and I answered without really thinking, "I write PowerPoint decks and drink in airports."

The truth is, I'm a marketing professional and writer from metro Detroit. I've been a PR man, an ad man, a stringer for a weekly newspaper. I am a man of faith, a loving husband, and father to two kids on the autism spectrum, the younger of which has profound needs. Over the last few years, I've been doing more PowerPointing and airport drinking, more parenting and husbanding, than writing, and I'm trying to change that. This website is a step toward that goal. 

I haven't been completely infertile. You can see more about my work here. I blog here (sometimes) about writing, reading, marketing, faith, and other topics. 

I have the same name as police officer Charlie Kondek from Tarpon Springs, Florida, who heroically gave his life in the line of duty. Neither of us should be confused with Charles Kondek, the opera librettist

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